Olympic Dreams of New Zealand

Did you know New Zealand has had a national hockey team since 1987? Neither did I. Not surprisingly, they aren't represented in Sochi, but Ryan Wick put together should they need it in the future. He explains:

I've got a concept that I'd like to contribute from you tweet today about a team currently not playing in the hockey in Sochi. I've done the New Zealand "Ice Blacks" who currently play in the Div. 2B of the IIHF World Hockey Championships. Quick run down of my design:

  • On the bottom of the jersey, incorporated a sublimated Maori tribal design
  • On the arms, a sublimated silver fern
  • The crest is what they use in IIHF tournaments, but is not their national federation logo, which is not allowed in Olympic competition
  • On the left arm, the NZ flag; on the right, the NZ Olympic Committee logo
  • The shoulder logo is the Team New Zealand logo used for the London games
  • Hanger effect is a line from their national anthem