The Dutch

The Netherlands won't be fielding a team at the World Cup of Hockey this fall, but what if they did? Bastian Schmülling had an idea for their jerseys.

By the way, there will be a subtle theme to all the concepts I'm posting over the next week. See if you can spot it.


All right the last three days have been given over to Canada here on the Concepts page, now it's time for the United States! Andrew Krause gives us his take on a national team uniform.

O Canada!

The next time Team Canada takes the ice, Steven Grant would have them wearing something like this. Some may complain about the inclusion of black but this is just a great look.

Danish Design

Going back to the Olympic well for this one. Alan John Herbert offers a unique take on Team Denmark today. What do you think?

Bratislava Rebrand

I've got one more entry for the International Sunday series before we move on to something else for a while. Rudolf Vychovaly came up with a clever rebrand for Slovan Bratislava — a Slovakian club founded almost a century ago that just joined the KHL in 2012.

If you're unfamiliar with their current logo and uniforms, check out their website.