A Bastian of Tradition

This entire week's worth of concept art revolves around one guy. Bastian Schmülling is by far one of the most prolific designers submitting work to Icethetics. But it's not just sheer volume that makes Bastian stand out. It's his attention to detail and his eye for a great hockey sweater.

His work has a very traditional and classic sense. I selected these three designs to display today because I think they're a good representation of his particular style. I could see that Blues jersey on NHL ice tomorrow.

Even these Senators and Oilers designs are sharp designs the quality of which is being lost in today's modern Reebok-based NHL. It's great to see someone thinking like this.

As promised, this entire week will be filled with Bastian's designs — and even at three concepts per day we'll still only be scratching the surface of his volume of work. But there's definitely some great stuff to come. Each day will feature a special theme.

Hope you guys like his work as much as I do or this could be a difficult week!