Oily Freak Out

How’s this for something to freak out about? Dallas Kirkpatrick has an Edmonton Oilers jersey that follows some of the less desirable third jerseys from the likes of the Islanders and Thrashers.


Handmade Oilers

Completing the trilogy, Morgan Edwards has once again refined his idea for an Edmonton Oilers redesign. It began in 2014 and got an upgrade in 2016. Now here's the latest in 2018.

The Thirdback

With the help of Nick Burton, I'd like to coin a new jersey term today — the thirdback. It's a throwback third jersey. If the Edmonton Oilers ever wanted to go back to this alt from the '00s, we'd have to call it a thirdback. Jeez, what am I saying? No we wouldn't. That is beyond dumb. Forget I said any of this. Go on about your day as usual.

The Oil in Navy

It's been a big week for rookies. Today we get another newcomer in Ryan Gordon, who proposes a navy blue third jersey for the Edmonton Oilers.


Outdoor Battle of Alberta

The Battle of Pennsylvania will be taken outside again next season. So who else thinks it's time to get the Battle of Alberta in the elements as well? Dallas Kirkpatrick offers up a couple of uniforms.