Missing Pieces

Will Kozushko has spent a lot of time thinking about the Carolina Hurricanes' look so I'll spare you my thoughts and provide his words.

Like many others, I think Carolina's "new" uniform is a misguided "design by committee" result that displays too many compromises. My solution brings back the distinctive "hurricane" symbol by adding it to the stripes of their current home template — as done by other concept designers — but I also offer an additional update.
I've never cared for the 'Canes logo, but in studying it, I did notice that the outer "cyclone" shapes are actually rather cool. It's that middle "swirly puck" element that I am not at peace with. The old Hartford logo is recognized as a brilliant piece of design, so I pondered ways to pay homage to that distinctive negative space H shape by adding it to the center of the 'Canes logo, as in "H" for "Hurricanes".
(Some might argue that it looks a bit too much like the Habs logo, as in "CH", but I'd let the lawyers sort that out.)
The fact that the current white jersey doesn't even match or reflect the road uniform is particularly bothersome for me, so I submit an option that mirrors my dark set, but utilizes more black, complimented with enough red to retain the distinctive identity. (I felt that a white jersey with predominantly red stripes looked a bit weak, so to my eye, the black simply looks much more "bad @$$".)