Chicago Freak Out

For the third day straight a new artist is being featured on the Concepts page. Today it's a cool yet freaky third jersey for the Chicago Blackhawks from Emma Thackray. Here's her explanation of the design:

A little background on this design: I read something on (I think) your blog a while back talking about how a third jersey should build on an aspect of a team’s identity that its other jerseys don’t address. I’ve thought for a while that a Blackhawks jersey that honours the team’s relationship with the city of Chicago would be really cool.
I love Minnesota’s green third jersey and wanted to create a similar, vintage-style jersey for the Blackhawks. I watched a TED talk on city flags and decided to design a jersey acknowledging the city of Chicago.

My goal in designing this jersey was to honour the Blackhawk’s history by sticking with red and black (I used cream instead of white and a slightly darker red for an older look) while incorporating some elements that are more focused on the city of Chicago than the Blackhawks itself: the blue piping on the inside of the stripes (referencing Chicago’s flag), the six-pointed stars under the script (also referencing the flag), the blue shoulder patches depicting Chicago’s skyline, and, of course, the script. I also added the [geographical] coordinates of the United Center in blue on the inside of the neck.