0377: Two Blue Freak Out

On Tuesday, I acknowledged the abundance of Isles concepts on these pages and offered up an example of a good one. Today, for Freak Out Friday, we hit the other end of the spectrum. Andy Bugelli seems to have a better handle on manipulating NHL video game software than designing hockey sweaters. Still, what do you think of the Islanders in a lighter blue?

0025: Green-a-thon, Part III

Last week, the New Jersey Devils announced they are renewing their annual tradition of going retro for St. Patrick's Day in 2012. Since 2010, the Devils have used the occasion to sport a green-infused uniform that debuted when they moved from Colorado in 1982. Andy Bugelli has taken the idea a step further by making the majority of uniform green instead of red. I'm not sure I'm sold, though. How can the Devils wear anything but red?