0379: Myrtle Beach Palmettos

John Quincy King adds another custom team to our Beer League Series today. He's come up with the Palmettos of Myrtle Beach, S.C. Want to see your beer league team featured here? Send along your jersey design and even a few photos if you've got them.

0046: Admirals With a Dash of Lightning

The Norfolk Admirals are in the midst of a record run, an insane winning streak. It's not just breaking AHL records, it's breaking records of other sports leagues. So while the Ads continue to mop up anyone who would be dumb enough to face them, how about a couple of concepts? It is Minor League Week, after all. Justin Nahhas has created a set of Admirals uniforms based off the third jersey of their NHL affiliate, the Tampa Bay Lightning.

But that's not all for today. I want to revisit a classic.

This is one of my all-time favorite concept designs. John Quincy King overhauled the Admirals' look to match new Lightning's new look. It was first posted on Icethetics last May, and since we were talking about Norfolk, I thought a reprise was in order.