Montreal Jedi

I've been spending the last few weekends revisiting past Sunday series. Anyone remember Beer League Sundays? That was interesting. Today we have one from Sylvain Rogé and his Montreal Jedi club.

0414: The Hogs

Got another fun entry to our Beer League Sunday series. Alex Andrews sent us a look he designed for his team, the Hogs. Below is a photo of the actual jersey itself.

0400: The Buffalo Buffalo

Matt McElroy helps us celebrate a milestone today — 400 consecutive days with new concept art right here on Icethetics. His entry today into the Beer League Sunday series is the Buffalo Buffalo. You're welcome, western New York.

0386: The Angry Dragons

Our Beer League Sundays series picks up today in Brampton, Ontario with the Angry Dragons! Jeremy Motley writes in with a look at how his team came to life.

Just was catching up with the blog today. I saw the Eskimo Brothers post on the concept page and thought I'd throw another beer league concept that turned real your way. My team is called the Angry Dragons. It started with a logo done for fun and turned into a reality thanks to a sponsorship from one of the guy's employers. Hope you like it!

Jeremy also passed along this photo of the uniform.

0379: Myrtle Beach Palmettos

John Quincy King adds another custom team to our Beer League Series today. He's come up with the Palmettos of Myrtle Beach, S.C. Want to see your beer league team featured here? Send along your jersey design and even a few photos if you've got them.