0613: Fixing the Flames

Laurent Elbaz may be a bit clairvoyant. He writes, "These designs were created before season started. To my surprise, I found out through your site that the leak is very similar to my design. Although I still prefer my 3rd jersey that the one leaked."

What do you think? Has he fixed the Flames once and for all?

Thought I'd add a separate rating box for the third jersey to see how it compares with the retro set.

0548: Rocky Mountain Blue

Last week Laurent Elbaz brought his take on the Canadiens. Today, another sharp redesign — this time for a team that hasn't existed for a lot of years, the Colorado Rockies. That may be the best shade of blue ever to appear on this page.

0544: More in Montreal

Yesterday we got a look at a female version of a Montreal hockey team. Today, we stick to the same city but switch back to the NHL. Laurent Elbaz tweaks the typically untouchable Habs sweaters. I'm intrigued, but before I'm sold, something will need to be done to make the number legible on the back of the white sweater — that's why they dumped the blue stripes ages ago.