Rocky Freak Out

In this Freak Out Friday, Robb Clarke combines the Avalanche and Rockies franchises for a crazy Colorado powerhouse.

Nine Designs By Lucas

There are a handful of concept artists who are quite prolific — guys who submit dozens of designs a month. They submit so much that I can't possibly post them all. This week is all about them — nine concepts from each.

We start with Lucas Daitchman, who emails me at least once a week with a half dozen concepts or more. Here's a sampling from his "Defunct Redesign" series.

If the Rockies Never Left

Bryan Dyck imagines an alternate universe in which the Colorado Rockies never relocated to New Jersey and instead are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Hmm.

The Rockies

The Colorado Avalanche still have two uniforms left to reveal to us for the 2015-16 season — a new third jersey and a Stadium Series sweater. Today, we get a couple of designs from the prolific and creative Bastian Schmülling — who envisioned the "C" shoulder patch more than a year ago.

0548: Rocky Mountain Blue

Last week Laurent Elbaz brought his take on the Canadiens. Today, another sharp redesign — this time for a team that hasn't existed for a lot of years, the Colorado Rockies. That may be the best shade of blue ever to appear on this page.