Great Griffins

This quartet of Grand Rapids Griffins logos by Slavo Kiss may be five years old, but it's definitely worth sharing during Minor League Week. What do you think?

Silver and Gold

Apart from designing some excellent IceHL logos, Slavomir Kiss has been known to tackle some NHL designs as well. In this set, he takes a stab at logos and jerseys for the Los Angeles Kings. It's a classy look with a touch of gold added to the black and silver.

0480: Remaking the Blackhawks

With the 2013 Stanley Cup Final getting underway tonight, I thought it time to break out this Blackhawks classic. Slavo Kiss (also known as Sigma Kappa) is a talented artists who's had a lot of amazing work posted here on Icethetics over the years. This Chicago concept is another one of them. It's dated 2009 but I don't think I've ever posted it on the site. I just stumbled on it cleaning up old files. I know it's sacrilege to consider changing the Hawks' look, but you have to admit this is a sharp design.