Original and Outdoors

The Red Wings and Maple Leafs have already met for an outdoor game in Michigan. But what if they did it again for, say, a Heritage Classic match-up in Canada? Cameron Ferguson has a great pair of uniforms for just such an occasion.

Friday on the Island

As Freak Out Friday entries go, this is a fun one! Jack Phillips merges the old New England Whalers of the WHA with the New York Islanders’ new alternate logo. There’s no place for it in the NHL, but there’s always room on the Concepts page!


Blue and Bronze Throwback

Anyone else ever feel nostalgic for this classic Capitals jersey? Dallas Kirkpatrick wouldn’t mind seeing it as a Washington third. Count me in.


Knights in Gold

How long do you think before we see a gold third jersey in Vegas? Chris Fortier suggests this idea for the Golden Knights.


Purple Reigns

The LA Kings really need to put purple back in the NHL. Seems that Lucas Daitchman agrees as he put together this set.