Birds of Hockey

Lucas Daitchman gives the San Diego Gulls a new uniform set inspired by something from their parent club's past. Anaheim meets AHL.


Identity Swap: Birds of a Feather

Lucas Daitchman returns to the Freak Out Friday with another Identity Swap — this time merging the Anaheim Ducks with their minor league affiliate in San Diego. But is it Gucks or Dulls? Either way, a merging of the names really doesn't work.

San Diego Trio

Sundays are for the minor leagues around here and today features not one or two but three unique concepts for one team — the San Diego Gulls. First up from Tony Lieb is a design that would fit nicely in the 1970s even if it is a little over simplified.

This one from John Elbertson borrows the color palette of their NHL affiliate in Anaheim.

And this design from Tyler Kochan is a revision to the team's existing look.

Sunny San Diego

Why should a hockey team from San Diego, California wear so much black? Alan Su would like to rectify that by placing more orange in the Gulls' jerseys.

San Diego Trio

As we await the unveiling of the San Diego Gulls' uniforms, several artists have already taken a stab at designing them. I wonder who will be closest. First up is Jake Miller, who's taking a straightforward approach to the design.

Scott Markiewicz imagines they'll go with something similar to that of their owner and NHL affiliate, the Anaheim Ducks.

And finally, Kevin Kurz has my personal favorite — based on the old Mighty Ducks jerseys from the '90s. Which of these three is your favorite?