A Shark To Be Feared

Chris Fortier puts San Jose’s “screaming shark” front and center with this set.


San Jose Standard

Getting the Sharks to go retro with their forthcoming third jersey is probably too much to hope for — let alone their primary uniforms. But John Elbertson can dream. Gorgeous set here.


The Sharpest Sharks

Justin Mercer gives the San Jose Sharks a sharp new look today. Be sure to click on the image to see his alternate and throwback designs too!

Orange For San Jose

The ongoing debate about how much orange should be present in the San Jose Sharks' uniforms continues with this concept from Kevin Dion. Which way to you sway?


The Screaming Shark

We've got another first-timer on the Concepts page today! And it's a doozy. Jack Phillips offers up a great new uniform set — third included — for the San Jose Sharks.