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In tribute to the IIHF World Championship currently taking place in Moscow, Steven Grant offers up a smattering of international sweaters today.

0688: Slovakia & Austria in Sochi

On this International Sunday we're treated to a two-fer from Eric Westhaver. First, take a look at his redesigned uniforms for Slovakia. Not much can compare to having the words of your national anthem built into the striping pattern, but this is a pretty sharp look too. Eric's comments follow.

No real significance for the Slovaks. I just figured with their bright colors that these kind of large, sweeping stripes would look pretty damn good.

Eric also brings us his look for Austria. Another solid one. He writes:

Since the Austrians haven't been in the big tourney for 12 years, I figured some new ideas like the angular stripes and italicized font could work.

Check back next Sunday as Finland gets the Westhaver treatment.