0578: The WNHL Series Finale

The last team in Nick Burton's WNHL series — a fictional Women's National Hockey League — hails from the Canadian capital, Ottawa. Here's what Nick has to say about the design:

Ottawa Nationals — The nation's capital takes the name Nationals to show its pride. It drops the black from the Senators scheme to give the team a more classic look. The logo is a maple leaf, with a sublimated Peace Tower inside the leaf. The maple leaf used for the logo is the same from the old Nationals team of the WHA, just updated.

0571: The WNHL Series, Part 5

The six-part Women's National Hockey League from Nick Burton continues this week with the Quebec City Wolves. From Nick on the origin of the design:

Québec Wolves/Loups du Québec — The team takes the color scheme of the Quebec Nordiques. The unused logo of the Nordiques was to be a wolf, so the team takes the name Wolves. The logo is an edited Minnesota Timberwolves logo.

Just one more team to go now. Check back next Wednesday for the finale. As for tomorrow... something "devilish" is in store.

0564: The WNHL Series, Part 4

We're up to the fourth team in Nick Burton's fictional Women's National Hockey League. Introducing the Buffalo Mariners. They join the Montreal Royals, Boston Irish and Toronto Metros. Two more to go. Any guess which cities will be represented?

0557: The WNHL Series, Part 3

Nick Burton's six-part series on a fictional women's hockey league picks up today with the Toronto Metros. How do you think the league is shaping up so far?

0550: The WNHL Series, Part 2

Last week kicked off our WNHL Wednesdays miniseries from Nick Burton. He's creating custom teams for a fictitious Women's National Hockey League in six North American cities. He began with the Montreal Royals and today moves on to the Boston Irish.