The Flames Without Yellow

The Flames without yellow. It's weird, right? The third jersey Caleb Fuller imagines is completely in the spirit of what I think a third jersey should be. Something that expands a team's identity rather than duplicates it. What's your take?

Bolt Out Friday

Freak Out Friday is taking a hiatus this week as I catch a plane to attend the unveiling of the Tampa Bay Lightning's new third jersey. Let's call it Bolt Out Friday!

Since the new sweater will be black, I have a trio of black concept jerseys to share today. First up is the above design by Kris Lutes. A lot of folks are talking about something that keeps the "BOLTS" crest but with an overall retro feel. This pretty much nails that.

Then there's this one by Caleb Fuller which has some cool arcing bolts of electricity near the collar. The team's sneak peek photos sort of discount this idea, unfortunately.

And finally, Matt Madore presents more a home/road set here that combines old and new.

Be sure to keep an eye on the blog and Twitter for updates on tomorrow's unveiling!

Windy City Red


Caleb Fuller has a pretty slick third jersey option for the Chicago Blackhawks today.

Island Grey

I'm not sure there's a big appetite around here to see the Islanders ditch orange as a primary color, but Caleb Fuller's grey-based design still makes for an interesting concept.

Jersey Split


This might be better suited for a Friday, but I really like the idea. Caleb Fuller gives us kind of a two-tone alternate jersey for the Devils. It's a pretty cool idea I'd love to see executed on an actual jersey someday.