Freaky Black Wild

With more than a few teams adding black third jerseys, why not another? Caleb Fuller imagines a black Minnesota Wild sweater inspired by the old North Stars color palette.


Black Friday

It's Black Friday, so naturally, the New York Islanders. Caleb Fuller sent this one in a few years ago but I came across it again and decided today would be a good day to share it.



On Wednesday, I asked for your freakiest Lightning concepts for this special Freak Out Friday. As Tampa Bay prepares to host Game 2 tomorrow, Caleb Fuller has just the ticket. Why has no one ever bothered to put a bazillion Stanley Cups on their uniform before?

By the way, in case you missed the joke here, check out how the Bolts pranked their players prior to the unveiling of their third jersey back in September.

Five By Caleb Fuller

Today, Caleb Fuller finds himself the owner of a Freak Out Friday. His designs are minimalist and a bit unusual — but interesting nevertheless. Like a red jersey for the Blue Jackets or purple sleeves on a white Kings jersey. What do you think? Should any of these make their way to the NHL?

Six-Pack Freak Out: Caleb Fuller

Happy Halloween and Happy Freak Out Friday! These two events coincide with the finale of the Six-Pack Series. Caleb Fuller wraps things up for us with some eye-popping ideas for our last half-dozen NHL teams. That's all 30 covered in one epic week!

What was your favorite?