Perfectly Pittsburgh

The Penguins have been mostly absent from these pages for a while. But there may be a good reason to that. By switching back to their old uniforms, they've sort of left concept artists with nowhere to go. Except for Kris Lutes, that is. He's got an idea.

Black(hawk) Friday

We're skipping the usual Freak Out Friday this week for Black Friday. Three different artists — Bastian Schmülling, Kris Lutes, and Tristan Mani — have submitted three unique black jerseys for the Chicago Blackhawks. Have a favorite?

Something to Howl About

The Arizona Coyotes have solid uniforms these days, but they lack personality. Kris Lutes wants to bring the personality back with a set like this.

The Dress

Get it? Kris Lutes just wants to mess with your mind today. Happy Friday!

Retro Jets

Still waiting on that Jets third jersey. I think Kris Lutes may have nailed it, though.