Project IceHL: Uniform Designs

The time has finally come. All 30 IceHL logos have been determined and now we move on to the next phase, the one you've all been waiting for: jersey design!


Jersey design submissions will be accepted one division at a time, in a predetermined, random order. We'll begin with the Southeast Division, followed by the North, Central, South, Northeast and Pacific. For each division, entries will be accepted over a period of two weeks.


Unlike the logo design phase, a higher standard of quality will be required for the uniform designs. Basically, if you're still using Microsoft Paint, it's time to upgrade. Designers will be required to submit their jersey designs on a Photoshop template provided by Icethetics.

If you're stuck in the stone ages but have a great idea, my advice would to try and hook up with someone who can put your ideas into an acceptable digital format. Otherwise, you're going to have to sit this round out. Later on you'll understand why I'm being so strict for this part of the project. I have a very good reason.


Only home and road jerseys will be accepted during this part of the process. Third jerseys may come later after we establish each team's identity. Just like in the NHL, road jerseys will be light and home jerseys will be dark. Further guidelines will be outlined in each division's submission post.


Each week, there will be a post announcing the beginning of the submission period for each division. It will detail the entry guidelines as well as provide artwork. You will be able to download a ZIP file containing two versions of the IceHL uniform template (standard and laced collars) and the primary and secondary logos for each of the five teams in that division.


At the end of the submission period, all qualifying designs will be posted on their individual team pages. Icethetics users will then rate each design on scale of 1 to 5 stars over another two-week period. The highest rated uniform set will be the winning design.


The winning logo designers will have a special advantage in the uniform design rating process since they obviously have a unique perspective, having created the initial look for the team. For example, since Joey Light designed the winning Arsenal logo, if he submits a jersey design for the Arsenal, it will be placed at the top of the page. That's the extent of the advantage — prime placement on the rating page.

That's basically how this will work. Email or comment with any questions. Check back for the Southeast Division post today at 3 PM.