Uniforms: Southeast Division

First, read about how the Uniform Design Process will work. 

Download the Southeast Division Package (download no longer available)

If you would like to design and submit a jersey for any Southeast Division team, download the package above. You'll find the primary and secondary (and tertiary, if applicable) logos for all five teams (.png with alpha) as well as the uniform templates (.psd) which you must use to submit your work.

There are two versions of the IceHL Uniform Template, one with the standard V neck, one with a laced collar. You may use either or both when submitting your artwork.

IceHL Uniform Template by Jason Usher. Logos provided for exclusive use in IceHL project. All other uses without the direct consent of the designer or Icethetics are strictly and expressly prohibited. 


All eligible entries will abide by the following guidelines.

  • Submit your artwork using the provided IceHL Uniform Template created by Jason Usher (sample seen to the right).
  • Design both a home and road uniform and submit them as two separate files. (Third/alternate jerseys will not be accepted at this time.) You may submit your artwork in one of the following formats: .pdf (preferred), .psd, .ai, .png, or .jpg.
  • Your home uniform must be a dark color while your road uniform must be white or a very light color. Use only colors found within either of the team's logos. (Sample for best results.)
  • You must design all parts of the uniform on the template, including the front, back and side of the jersey, socks, pants, all nameplate lettering and jersey numbering, and the full 3D figure.
  • Nameplate letters: Include the full alphabet. Jersey & shoulder numbers: Include all digits 0-9 as well as C and A for (captains).
  • You are restricted to using only the primary and secondary logos provided. However, you may create your own text-based crest/design if you wish.
  • Include a name and number (1-99) of your choice to be used on the back and shoulders of the jersey.
  • Be sure to include your name (how you wish to be credited) and email address within the image itself.

Failure to follow all of the above guidelines will result in disqualification. Icethetics reserves the right to disqualify any submission for any reason and change the above guidelines at any time.

The bottom layer of the provided Photoshop files will give you an idea of what the final product should look like. Email your submissions for any or all Southeast Division teams to icethetics@gmail.com no later than Sunday, October 11 for the following teams:

  • Atlanta Arsenal
  • Baltimore Blue Crabs
  • North Carolina Nighthawks
  • Tampa Bay Barracudas
  • Washington Sentinels

You may submit artwork for as few or as many teams as you'd like.

Email me if you have any questions about the submission process. Good luck to all!