Another Season of IceHL Hockey!

A unique kind of life was breathed into the IceHL last season when 20 readers took part in an online fantasy hockey league using IceHL teams. And we're doing it again this year. Only bigger and better.

If you wanted a shot at operating an IceHL team last year and didn't get it, you have another chance. In the coming weeks, I'm going to be looking for some new owners to take over our available teams. Half of the 2010-11 GMs have already committed to 2011-12. And I'm very excited to have them back.

But it's time to grow. Our league can only carry 20 teams. But the IceHL is made up of 30. So this season I will be adding a second league, splitting the IceHL into two groups of 15 teams each. Hence the need for a handful of new owners. If you're big into fantasy hockey, we'd love to have you.

To be clear, I'm not asking for volunteers just yet. I'm just letting you know of some opportunities which will come up soon. I'm first giving all 20 of last year's owners first dibs on returning to their teams. Once I know who's coming back and who isn't, we'll fill all of the available teams.

At that time I'll be getting in touch with anyone who was in the running for a team last year but didn't end up getting it for whatever reason. Then I'll open it up to the rest of the group. Only serious fantasy hockey players need apply. We want to keep the leagues competitive and exciting. That's difficult to do if you're the sort of person who loses interest after a few weeks.

If you're new to this page, here's a little background. The IceHL a fantasy hockey league built from the ground up by Icethetics readers, who voted on every aspect from cities to nicknames to logos. Everything was decided by the community. It was an amazingly fun project to oversee but it's not quite over yet. We've never gotten around to voting on uniform designs. That is a goal I've set for Icethetics for the winter. More details to come on that.

Hopefully you all are as excited as I am about another season of IceHL hockey. And if you're so inclined, I hope you get to join us! (Yes, "us"... I'll be managing my own IceHL team this fall for the first time.)