Wanted: 17 New IceHL GMs!

Before you read this, I recommend scrolling down to read last week's IceHL update.

I'm now in the process of getting the 2011-12 IceHL fantasy hockey season off the ground. Last week, I got in touch with the team owners from our inaugural season in 2010-11 to see who would be returning. As it happens only 12 of the 20 are sticking around. But we're also adding in the other 10 IceHL teams that weren't used last year.

We use ESPN's fantasy hockey league website to operate the IceHL. It only permits 20 teams per league. Since there 30 IceHL teams, we'll be opening up two separate leagues this season, split up by conference, with 15 teams each. That means we'll need 17 new owners for 2011. (Really, only 16 because I'll be taking on a team this season.)

Now let's talk about what it takes to become one of the lucky 16.


Managing an IceHL team isn't about how much experience you have playing fantasy hockey. It's about how much you're willing to commit to participating and keeping the league competitive and fun. If you're worried you'll lose interest halfway into the season, please sit this one out and give someone else a shot.

Applying for a team

Last year, more than a hundred people applied to own one of 20 teams. I anticipate a similar turnout this year. So if you're not serious about it, please don't apply. Save the space for someone who is.

You may apply for a team by posting a comment below with the following information:

  • Your first name and last initial (ex.: Chris S.), no pseudonyms
  • Your email address (if you enter it into the box that says "author email," it will only be seen by me and no other users; if you include it in the body of the comment, everyone will see it)
  • In the body of your comment, please note your experience playing fantasy hockey and list your preferred IceHL team choices, in order, from the list below. Please pick no more than 10. (If no teams on your list are available, one will be assigned at random.) Also please note whether you designed any of the winning IceHL logos.

You have until the end of this weekend to apply. I need all of the owners decided quickly so we can start making league decisions together. That will include a live chat with all of the owners.

Selecting owners and teams

Last season, owners were selected entirely at random. I think that was the fairest way to handle it and we'll do the same thing this year. Just be aware that demonstrating your dedication and commitment to fantasy hockey will increase your odds. I'm looking for people who aren't going to lose interest halfway through the season.

Keep in mind, however, that simply being awarded a team doesn't guarantee you'll keep it. If any owner becomes inattentive or doesn't respond to communications and emails, I reserve the right to replace him/her with or without notice. Sorry, but I want to keep this league exciting and competitive.

Available teams

Here are a list of all 30 teams. You may select from any of those that do not already have owners.

Alaska Huskies Owner: Steve S.
2011 Champion
Atlanta Arsenal
Baltimore Blue Crabs Boston Colonials
Boulder Beasts Calgary Cavalry Owner: Joshua S.
California Wave Owner: Jon W. Chicago Hitmen
Dallas Outlaws Detroit Motorheads
Edmonton Kodiaks Owner: Ed P. Hamilton Steelcats
Houston Hellcats Owner: James L. Milwaukee Lagers
Minnesota Mammoths Montreal Olympiques Owner: Chris S.
New Orleans Gators New York Guardians
North Carolina Nighthawks Portland Pioneers
Quebec Armada Owner: Curtis L. Regina Renegades
Salt Lake City Scorpions Owner: Kyle G. Saskatoon Sharpshooters Owner: Brian H.
Seattle Aviators St. Louis Archers Owner: Ryan L.
Tampa Bay Barracudas Owner: Chris S.
Vancouver Lumberjacks Owner: James W.
Washington Sentinels Owner: Simon C. Winnipeg Winterhawks Owner: Daniel R.

If you want to apply, just make sure you follow the instructions outlined above. Good luck!