IceHL Jersey Contest: Pacific

I'm now accepting entries for the next division in the IceHL Jersey Design Contest.

First, if you want more information about the IceHL Project, download the IceHL 2011 Yearbook, which is now available through You can also scan through previous posts in this section to catch up on everything we've done so far.

Entering the Jersey Design Contest

There are three rules:

  • Design 2 jerseys (light and dark) using team colors and logos only. You may not alter the colors or logos.
  • Assemble your final design on the PNG template provided and submit it to
  • Include your first and last name and email address in the graphic where designated as well as in your submission email. (Your real name will not be displayed during voting and your email will never be displayed.)

IceHL Jersey Design Kit - Pacific version (.zip/355 KB)

Seriously, that's it. The template is a PNG file provided in the Design Kit above. It is built to be compatible with just about any graphics software out there from Microsoft Paint to Adobe Photoshop. (For beginners: PNG is the file type required. Please do not submit a JPG or any other type of file. For experts: Please avoid using color profiles.)

Recommended link: Paint Users Paradise at

To assist you in your designs, feel free to implement aspects of existing hockey uniform templates. There are hundreds available at at the link above. The copy and paste functions are your friends in this case and make designing a great jersey so much easier. But feel free to experiment on your own too.

The template includes the front and back of a jersey as well as gear like socks and pants. All you have to do is design the jerseys. Designing the gear is up to you. I'd also request that you include a full alphabet and number set as seen in the Design Kit sample. You may choose to leave out any of the elements, but keep in mind that if you do, I reserve the right to design those elements myself.

Last thing. Simply submitting your jersey design doesn't guarantee it will be included in the voting process. If it doesn't meet a certain level of quality, I'll give you the opportunity to try again as long as you meet the deadline. But rest assured, I plan to accept far more than I reject — as you saw with the last two divisions.

Part 4: Pacific Division

We're continuing with the Pacific Division. The Design Kit contains the primary and secondary logos for each of the five teams in that division. You may only use those logo graphics for this project. Do not use them for any other reason without permission.

Here are the South Division teams and the players you may use to customize your jerseys:

  • Alaska Huskies (8 Ovechkin, 19 Spezza, 9 Ryan, 17 Lucic)
  • California Wave (12 Marleau, 8 Selanne, 91 Stamkos, 24 Callahan)
  • Portland Pioneers (12 Iginla, 81 Kessel, 15 Kaberle, 1 Luongo)
  • Seattle Aviators (11 Kopitar, 2 Keith, 15 Getzlaf, 35 Rinne)
  • Vancouver Lumberjacks (1 Hiller, 9 Duchene, 26 St. Louis, 27 Pietrangelo)

The players listed have been selected by the GMs operating each fantasy team.

Remember, when you design your jerseys, stick to the official team colors and logos. The Pacific Division RGB Color Guide is included in the Design Kit for your convenience. You may also sample the colors in the logo graphics using an eyedropper or similar tool in your chosen graphics software.

One last note about your jersey designs. Do something creative and original. Don't copy existing jersey designs. We want IceHL teams to stand out and be unique. But for what it's worth, you might want to consult the NHL Uniform Ranking to get an idea of what types of designs Icethetics readers tend to like. Just don't let it stifle your creativity.

Deadline: Sunday, March 11

You have three weeks to design and submit your work. I will not be accepting submissions for the next division until the deadline for this one passes. If you have any questions, please ask!

Good luck to everyone!