IceHL Team Logos

Tomorrow, new polls open that will determine which two North American cities will add IceHL franchises for 2012-13. That's right, expansion is nearly upon us and that's only the first of many changes we could see to our fantasy league this year.

To prepare, I thought it would be helpful to add a post that shows all of our current teams.

Pacific Division

South Division

North Division

Northeast Division

Central Division

Southeast Division

Last September, I put togther a logo map that shows where all of our teams are based.

Click here to check out the interactive version. And be sure to pan over to Alaska so you don't miss the Huskies.

I think the league spread out pretty well, but in order to maximize the schedule and enjoyment of our GMs in the ESPN fantasy league, we need to add one more team to each conference.

With 32 teams, the IceHL will be at capacity this fall. But there's more beyond expansion. In the coming weeks, you'll be voting on which existing teams should be relocated or rebranded.

We could be designing and redesigning logos and uniforms this offseason for as many as 12 teams — or just 2. It'll come down to your vote in the end.