Polls: Expansion Team Names

The IceHL Project is growing. Our crowd-sourced fantasy hockey league is expanding from 30 to 32 teams for the 2012-13 season. And it's now time to choose the names for the newcomers.

Last month, your vote decided that Hartford, Conn. and Yellowknife, N.T. will join the IceHL ranks in 2012. Then over the next few weeks, you made suggestions for what we should call the teams. Now, once again, your vote will make the final call.

More than a hundred names were suggested. I've narrowed the list down to 25 for each team. You may choose as many as 5 to vote for below. (Vote only for the names you like. Don't pick five just to fill a quota if you only like three of them. Otherwise, you may not like the results.)

Choose up to 5 names per team. Polls close Sunday, April 15.

I need to clarify something. A few weeks ago, I wrote that an upcoming poll would deal with realignment of the league. I've decided to hold off on that because there's a chance some teams could be relocated this summer. As always, your vote will make that determination. We'll begin the relocation and rebranding discussion in June. If any teams are selected to be relocated/rebranded, the process will run until early September. We'll start the search for new GMs after that time. I, for one, am excited about another season of IceHL fantasy hockey!

Note: If you have questions about how the names listed above were chosen from all those that were suggested, please feel free to email me. (There's a red Gmail button at the top of the page.) Comments on this post are deactivated so as not to taint the voting.