Six Winning IceHL Logos Revealed!

At this late stage of the IceHL's 13 Weeks of R&R project, I'm pleased and excited to announce the winning logo designs for six of the 11 IceHL teams undergoing rebranding this summer.

Based on the first round results, there's no need for any further voting for these teams. Scores (out of 100) were determined for each design based on the voter evaluations. Any logo whose score was at least 20 points higher than the next highest — demonstrating a clear favorite among the voters — automatically won for their team. Here are the victors!

Eric Poole decided to refine and update his original Colonials logo from 2008. The designed earned a score of 84/100 — the second highest in the entire contest. The runner-up for the Colonials this year was Matt McElroy's design, which earned a 64.
Chris Smith (the other one) retained his place as the logo designer for the IceHL's Calgary franchise — even with the new name — with a score of 77. Chris is hard at work on a new wordmark for his logo set. Once again, Matt McElroy was the runner-up for the Stallions, earning a 53.

Slavo Kiss got his second contest win in as many years. The Narwhals logo designer created a clear favorite for the Chargers, earning an 82 for his efforts. Once again, Matt McElroy was the runner-up with a 55.
Francis Matte's logo design will represent the Halifax Dragons. With a score of 87, it was the highest-rated logo of the entire contest! Jesse Feltner had the runner-up design, which earned a 62.

Finally, after multiple second-place finishes, Matt McElroy has a winning logo design! His Steelcats set picked up an 84 — tying Eric Poole's Colonials entry for the second-highest-rated design of the summer. Unseated was Chris Smith's original 2008 design, which earned a 61.
The talented Francis Matte is a winner twice over this summer. His Texas Outlaws logo earned an impressive score of 83. Mark Morgan had the runner-up design with a 55.

If you're curious about how the scoring worked, it's pretty simple. We use the percentages from the polls. Take the positive score and round to the nearest whole number (45.5% becomes 46). Take the neutral score and round it up to the nearest whole number, then divide that in half (round up again if necessary to get another whole number, so 36.5% [37/2=18.5] becomes 19). Add those two numbers together and you have your score.

Five more logos still to be decided

That leaves five teams with logos still to be decided. Those polls go up first thing Monday and will be open for a week. The top two designs for each team will be included in this next round. Next weekend we'll get started on designing jerseys for these 11 teams.

If you want to know which designs will be facing off this week (and you don't want to do the math yourself), I've got you covered:

  • Olympiques: Craig Wheeler (current) vs. Francis Matte
  • Aces: Matt McElroy vs. Francis Matte
  • Snipers: Dave Delisle (current) vs. Matt McElroy
  • Lumberjacks: Matt McElroy vs. Tim Schellenberg
  • Sentinels: Rik Oko (current) vs. Matt McElroy

So clearly, Mr. McElroy is the man to beat! He already has one winning design in Hamilton and now has the potential for four more. Matt entered logos for all 11 teams and was the only designer to do so. But he's got stiff competition for these teams.

I'm excited to see how it all turns out. Until then, what do you think of the winning logos we already have?