Final Winning Logos Unveiled!

Last week, everyone cast their final votes in the logo design contest portion of the IceHL's 13 Weeks of R&R project. After the first round of polls, five races were still too close to call. So one more set of polls has determined our winners!

The Olympiques become the IceHL's first single-color team with this rebrand by Francis Matte, who picked up 64% of the vote over the incumbent from Craig Wheeler. Francis now has three logos in the IceHL.
Prepare to witness the domination of Matt McElroy. With 65%, he topped Francis Matte's entry for the newly-relocated Aces. This gives the IceHL two warplane logos, but from very different eras and in very different color palettes.

Unseating the existing Sharpshooters/Snipers logo by Dave Delisle, Matt McElroy wins another one, this time with 56% of the vote. Going forward the Snipers will have this updated look.
Is that Matt McElroy again? With a whopping 73%, his Lumberjacks logo win gets him a fourth logo in the league, overtaking Francis Matte for the most wins this summer.

Lastly, like a cherry on top, Matt McElroy completes the sweep with four winning logo designs in the final week of voting. His efforts beat the existing logo by Rik Oko with 56%, as an eagle, instead of a solider, now stands watch over the capital city.

It was truly Matt vs. Matte this summer with some epic logos from both designers. The pair combined for eight of the 10 new logos we got (Calgary's remained the same). Eric Poole revisited his Colonials concept and Slavo Kiss added a fourth winning design with his take on the Chargers.

Designer updates Huskies branding

Speaking of Slavo, he joined Eric in refining his work from five years ago. Today, I get to introduce updated branding for a 12th team! Check out the revised Alaska Huskies logos from Slavo Kiss.

Only slight updates to the primary, but certainly for the better. The secondary is also much-improved but it's the new wordmark that really solidifies the Huskies' identity. If you'd like to compare the new logos to the original, I recommend downloading a free copy of the 2012 IceHL Yearbook.

By the way, here's the email Slavo sent me with his redesign. Thought I'd share it with you guys.

[A] lot of teams will get brand new logos, so I thought I'd make some improvements to these old designs. Hope you don't mind.

It's nice to see some great new designs and artists showing up and participating in this project. Hope the uniforms will be as good as the new logo sets produced! And maybe we could come up with some new uniform designs for some of the old teams as well... similar process as we just did with the logos. It's just suggestion.

[For the Huskies,] I kept original color scheme because I think that dark night sky blue along with the silver and white is quite a unique combo and represents [the] cold Alaskan wilderness well. Hope new secondary logo, where the mountain and sea wave form the letter A for Alaska is clearer and more readable now. I also simplified the primary logo and created brand new wordmark.

I'd also love to thank this way to all the fans, who supported me and voted for my designs. I appreciate that! It's [a] really great feeling to have designed official identities for four IceHL teams. It's a 100% success for me as all four logo sets I've ever submitted to the IceHL design contests won (Huskies, Archers, Narwhals and Chargers), which makes me very happy and thankful for the support my work and I have had from Icethetics readers and fans of the IceHL.

Thank you guys! Thanks for your support!