Elect the 2014-15 IceHL Design Council members!

It's time for you — the Icethetics community — to select the first two members of the newly formed IceHL Design Council!

You'll find below the campaign statements from the 13 candidates who have applied to join the Council. You may score each candidate from 0 to 3. The two with the highest average score will become Council members effective Wed., Nov. 5, 2014.

Two more candidates will then be selected by me — your IceHL commissioner. Polls will close at 7 PM PT on Tuesday — America's election night! (Ha, see what I did there?)



Colin May

I am a longtime Icethetics contributor, and designer of the Montreal Olympiques uniforms. I appreciate it when designers take a creative risks, but also love a good traditional design. Above all, designs should not be lazy. They must be original, clean, and pay attention to detail. As a design council member I will ensure that these values are upheld.


John Elbertson

I am running for the IceHL Design Council because I have a keen eye for designs that are traditional and/or retro, yet still push the bounds of creativity. I have an extensive graphic design background, and since I don't get to use it much when I'm living the dream of delivering appliances, I would be thrilled to volunteer my services for a great cause like the IceHL.


Matt McElroy

With seven total logos, and four uniform designs representing my brand in all three conferences of the IceHL I feel that I have gained not only the community's support for my work but an understanding of what the style and overall brand of the league is and should be. I have already spent three years doing my best to better the league and the Icethetics community I see this as just another way for me to help.


Caleb Fuller

You may remember me from such concepts as Connecticut Fail Whale and Washington Sentinels. I have come a long way in my concept designs and feel I have a good understanding of what is needed for a good jersey.  I have over 100 jerseys in my collection — I may have a problem, but I am not looking for help.


Dylan Alexander

I think I should be a judge because I like to think I have a good eye for design, especially hockey design. I've got work that's worn in the OHL, been talked about on BarDown, and especially Icethetics. I've contributed to the IceHL before and I'd like to help make it look nice all the time.


Will Sinnott

"Long time listener, first time caller." BA in visual arts from University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Since 2001, I have designed for sign and T-shirt companies. This year, my eye and "L" logo won a competition to design the logo for the Lookouts of the Lewis & Clark Baseball League.


Joshua Benkelman

I would like to join the Design Council because aside from my love for hockey (and my wife, if she sees this) my other love is sports logos. I've always been captivated by the beauty of a great logo. I would love to be able to ensure that the IceHL sees only the highest quality logos to represent its teams. Thanks for the consideration!


Kyle Rubin

I think I should be on the IceHL Design Council for a couple of reasons. For one, I believe I am a very active supporter of the IceHL and site, and only want to help out. But more importantly, I think that being a member will help myself learn and grow at designing jerseys and as a designer in general.


Michael Burmeister

I've been following the league from the initial contest, submitting the St. Louis Archers and North Carolina Nighthawks and my idea being expanded for the Moscow Cosmonauts. As these (and the current GM of the Osaka Samurai), I am no stranger to good logos and will encourage more solid design if chosen for the Committee.


Justin Mills

I have an Industrial Design Degree from the College for Creative Studies and have been working in my field for over 10 years. Hockey and hockey uniforms are great passions of mine. I love simplicity in design and I love attention to detail. Team uniforms should be as impactful from across the ice as they are from five feet away.


Mike Kelly

I’m well-travelled, experienced, independent and open to change and new ideas, while being respectful of the past. I’ve always loved logos/designs that reference the location/local knowledge, and smart design, while maintaining a quality esthetic. I’ve been a long-time participant in the IceHL and an avid GM. @DetChrgrsIceHL


Dominic LoVallo

I love concepts! Logos, Jerseys, masks! Every stripe and cut down to the wire can make or break a design and I love that! I'm all about originality, and I want new ideas that I could see on an NHL team! I don't know how to put designs together, but I know when it is done well.


Andrew Smart

I own impeccable taste. My bedroom smells of rich mahogany.

As a final note, IceHL Design Council members will hold a one-year term and may run for re-election next fall. Council members will be limited to four terms. Good luck to all!

The IceHL Design Council will go to work beginning Wed., Nov. 5 to select the winning logo and jersey designs for the IceHL's first annual ABC Cup between the Aces and Blue Crabs.