IceHL World Nations: Group 1

We all know the IceHL is expanding with its third conference — IceHL World. But where will we put the teams?

That remains to be seen, but over the next two weeks I'll be unveiling the geographic groups that will be the basis for those locations. One nation from each group will advance — giving us eight teams for our inaugural season.

Today, I'm unveiling Group 1, which focuses on the Americas. With each unveiling will be potential home cities for each country.


Your initial instinct might be that this is a silly idea. The IceHL already has plenty of Canadian teams in the East and West conferences. That's what I thought too.

But Canada as a nation is such a great ambassador for the sport of hockey. (Just look at all their Olympic gold medals!) This year, of all years, I felt it would be wrong to exclude them.

Part of the reason is that Toronto (Canada's biggest city) and Ottawa (Canada's capital) are not represented in our league. There have been opportunities to add them in recent years but voters have gone in other directions. So I'm giving these cities another chance.

In addition, there's big news for those IceHL fans hoping to save the Quebec Armada from disappearing following their last-place finish in the IceHL East this season.

If Canada is selected in Group 1, the Armada will be permitted to shift to the new conference with all of its existing branding intact! The final decision, however, will still come down to a vote.


Most hockey fans associate it with the Mighty Ducks movies, but I assure you Iceland is much more than that!

As someone who's been to Iceland a handful of times, I can tell you it's an incredible place from the unique geology to the amazing people.

I won't deny a personal interest in seeing an IceHL team in Reykjavik, but of course the final call is yours to make. I'll be watching and cheering from the sidelines.


Brazil is going to be at the center of the sports world for the next couple of years, so it's only right they get a shot at a premier fantasy hockey league franchise!

Rio de Janeiro will host the World Cup this summer and the Summer Olympics in 2016. Sao Paulo would also be an option.


If Buenos Aires is your kind of town, it could gain an IceHL franchise if voters select Argentina.

If you have any questions, ask in the comments. Otherwise check back tomorrow for Group 2! (Hint: It's a region that's been in the news a lot lately.)