How you can #SaveTheArmada

With their loss to the Chicago Hitmen in the final week of the IceHL East postseason, the Quebec Armada secure last place in the 2013-14 season. The rules set out last month say they will now be relocated and shifted to the IceHL West.

I say not so fast.

Like many IceHL fans, I love the Armada identity and would hate to see it erased from our league without the input of the community. We're all about making group decisions here, but the plan to correct the conference imbalance bypassed voters entirely to protect the GMs.

It was the right way to play it, but now you should get the chance to weigh in on whether we really lose the Quebec Armada.


As you know, we're launching the IceHL World this summer — the third IceHL conference and one that will span the globe. Should you choose to keep the Armada around, they would become a member of this new conference, representing Canada, and play against international opponents.

In the bracket to select the IceHL World nations, Group 1 was just unveiled today. It includes Canada, Iceland, Brazil and Argentina.

Nation voting will begin Sun., April 27. If the Armada are to have a shot at survival, voters must select Canada to come out of Group 1. Then a subsequent vote will determine whether we move forward with the name selection process or simply use the Quebec Armada branding for the new Canadian franchise.

Any questions? Please ask!