IceHL Relocation: City Selection, Round 1

We learned on Sunday night that the Quebec Armada would be the IceHL East team relocated to the West this summer. As one fan put it, "it's like losing the Nordiques all over again." But on Monday, I unveiled a plan to #SaveTheArmada — should the IceHL fan base be so inclined.

Since the team may not disappear from the league after all, I'll be referring to this relocation project as the "new IceHL West team" from now on. We begin the long process today with the first round of voting in the City Selection Bracket.

Results are hidden until polls close. This round ends Thursday night. Happy voting!

The bracket above was seeded based on geography from a predetermined list of cities that offer a fair spread among regions of North America not currently home to an IceHL franchise. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

You should also feel free to do any campaigning in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #IceHLWorld. I'm eager to see which new city joins our league!