IceHL World Nations: Group 3

Admittedly, Group 3 is probably the most obvious collection of nations related to the sport of hockey. That's why I wanted to get it out of the way early.

For this set of countries, we find ourselves in the Nordic region — land of the Vikings.


Lidstrom, Sandstrom and Backstrom. Zetterberg, Renberg and Forsberg. Sedin, Sedin and Sundin. Need I go on?

As soon as you heard about the IceHL World Initiative, you were probably already thinking of a team based in Stockholm. That will certainly be a possibility.


Not traditionally known for its hockey stars, Norway still loves the game and is no less worthy of a potential IceHL franchise.

Keep it in mind if you'd like to see a team in Oslo.


Sweden's nearest rival in terms of pure hockey talent lies just to the east. From the Finnish Flash on down, Finland has treated the world to some incredible players. Teemu Selanne is just one among many.

If you think that makes Helsinki deserving of an IceHL club, be ready to vote.


We round out our collection of Nordic nations with the one whose capital is most fun to say. Copenhagen, Denmark will be one of our 32 options when voting commences in a couple weeks.

Tomorrow we travel to a section of the planet from here to find Group 4.