IceHL World Nations: Group 4

If the last three groups seemed focused on traditional hockey-playing countries, Group 4 is decidedly not.

To find this set of nations, we're going to Asia's Far East. It'll be sure to inject some creativity into our summer branding project.


The Japanese sent their women's hockey team to the Olympics this year — but I will admit it's rare to see them there. Regardless, a team in Tokyo or Osaka could be a unique addition to the IceHL.

South Korea

The next Winter Olympics will be held in South Korea in 2018, so I couldn't exactly leave them out of the running. Seoul could be a great spot for our league.


At the Vancouver Olympics in 2010, we were treated to the Chinese women's team. They may not have been loaded with talent, but China is home to some of the world's largest cities. Perhaps the IceHL could find a new home in Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong this fall.


Apparently the Indian national ice hockey team has only been victorious in one game on the international stage, but why should that stop us from considering Delhi or Mumbai for entry into the IceHL? It shouldn't.

Group 4 will certainly yield a unique team identity. That's all for this week. Check back Monday for Group 5. In the meantime, feel free to speculate on which countries will find on the other side of the bracket.