IceHL World Nations: Group 5

We find ourselves in mainland Europe for Group 5 of the IceHL World Initiative Nations Bracket. Bet you saw that one coming.

United Kingdom

It may not be the most common place to find hockey, but as one of the world's biggest and most influential cities, there's no denying London a shot at an IceHL franchise.

But it doesn't have to be London of course, there are several cities in the United Kingdom that could support a team. Which will you choose?


It's only logical to pit the U.K. against its nearest neighbor in the first round of the bracket. Maybe Ireland's famous luck will land it an IceHL club.


If you think we need a team in Paris, this will be your option. Consider we're already losing one IceHL team from a French-speaking land in the Quebec Armada. Currently, only the Olympiques remain.


The last option in Group 5 will be Italy. Think of the many cities where we could place a team, from Rome to Milan to Turin — the home of the 2006 Winter Olympics.

I imagine this will be one of the toughest groups to decide. Which nation has your loyalty?