IceHL World Nations: Group 6

We're going south of the equator to find Group 6 of the IceHL World Initiative Nations Bracket. It's an atypical group in a conversation about hockey, but worthy nevertheless.


The first entry of this group takes us down under. If you can imagine an Aussie IceHL club, this option is for you. Perhaps we'll find the league in Sydney or Melbourne this summer.

New Zealand

Of course it's only logical to pit Australia against its nearest neighbor in New Zealand. Maybe you're hoping for a franchise in Auckland or Wellington.


To the north of those two is a country comprised of more than 13,000 volcanic islands. Indonesia's geography coupled with its diverse population could provide designers with a big spark of creative inspiration.

South Africa

It may not be in the same geographical region as the other nations in its group, but South Africa is no less deserving a place on our bracket. Imagine the team identities we could create for Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Like I said, none of these countries would be considered hockey hotbeds by most people, but the opportunities for unique and creative branding abound. Which one is your favorite?