IceHL World Nations: Group 8

It's time to reveal the final group of the IceHL World Nations Bracket. We're headed to the Mediterranean/Middle East region for Group 8.


Home to the foundation of organized sports in the form of the Olympic Games, Greece simply must be an option for IceHL World voters. This will be your pick if you hope to see a team in Athens.


One of the world's largest cities is Istanbul and despite a lack of specific hockey history, it would be a shame not to include Turkey in the running for a new IceHL franchise.


Recent political turmoil aside, Egypt is known the world over for its cultural history. That along with its iconic monuments would provide any logo artist enormous possibilities and inspiration. Could you imagine an IceHL club in Cairo or Alexandria?

United Arab Emirates

Our 32nd and final entry into the IceHL World Nations Bracket is home to a playground of the rich and to the world's tallest skyscraper. It might be a little offbeat, but Dubai could be a fascinating backdrop for a new IceHL team.

There they are. All 32 potential nations right there in 8 brackets. I can't wait to see where this league goes!

But of course, my decisions in creating this bracket don't necessarily have to be final. If you see any glaring errors or things you flat-out don't like, don't hesitate to speak up!

Leave a comment. Write me an email. Send a tweet. If enough people want to see a change made, I'm open to it. But it needs to be overwhelming.

Voting on these brackets will begin Sunday!