Hawaii, here we come!

Almost two weeks ago, we began the process of creating a new IceHL West team to replace the Philadelphia Aces — who are moving to the IceHL East where they belong.

The fate of the Quebec Armada is still up in the air. Voters may choose to save the franchise and allow it to live on as a member of the IceHL World. Or it may simply be relocated to the tropical oasis that is Hawaii.

Aloha Hawaii!

Indeed, the IceHL West City Selection Bracket has yielded a winning locale. Honolulu, Hawaii will be home to the next IceHL franchise!

Despite a relatively low turnout for the final poll, more than 58% of voters selected the Aloha State over the City by the Bay. But all in all, 2,848 votes were cast since the bracket opened on April 15.

Next: Name Submissions

Now that we've selected a city, what's next? Of course the team now needs a name.

Name nominations will be accepted beginning Monday, so start brainstorming now. But don't post them just yet.

A special blog entry will be published on Monday with instructions on how this process will work.

For name locators, Hawaii, Honolulu or Oahu (the island on which the city is located) will be acceptable. If there's something else you think will work, try it. Be creative!

For the Record

As an aside for the IceHL die-hards, the Quebec Armada's team history and records will transfer to the new Hawaiian club regardless of whether the Armada branding is transferred to the IceHL World conference. Think of it like the Winnipeg Jets situation.

The reason is this: The World version of the Armada couldn't possibly have a history that pre-dates the creation of the conference itself. If that makes sense. If not, I'd be happy to go into more detail.

If you have any other questions before name nominations begin, now is the time to ask!