IceHL Hawaii: Name Nominations

It's happening! The IceHL is headed to Hawaii. But before we can begin designing logos and jerseys, our new team needs a name!

To the right is some imagery to get you in a Hawaii frame of mind. Below are the rules.

Submission Rules

Here are some quick guidelines for how this will work:

  • Name nominations will be accepted only in the comments area of this post.
  • Include the LOCATOR and NICKNAME (ex.: Montreal Canadiens or New York Rangers).
  • Acceptable locators are: Hawaii, Honolulu and Oahu.
  • If you use a Hawaiian word for your suggested name, you must note the English translation.
  • Enter only ONE team name per comment and a maximum of 3 nominations per user. (You may elaborate on your name idea within that comment.)
  • AVOID DUPLICATES. Read through what's been suggested before you suggest yours.
  • Bump up names you like by clicking the "heart" button that appears in the upper right corner of the comment when your cursor hovers over it.
  • If you wish to comment on someone else's suggestion, do it ONLY by replying to their original comment. (Use the "reply" button that appears when your cursor hovers over it.)

The reason for the comment restrictions is to keep this page manageable. Comments will get out of control during the week if we don't have a few limitations. I will be monitoring the page and deleting extraneous comments as needed to keep things organized.

Voting Preview

As with the city selection, we will use a bracket to determine the team's name. We will have a bracket of 8 or 16 names depending on the quality of the nominations. It's important to use the "heart" button on the names you like so I know which ones you guys most want to see included in the bracket.


You may NOT nominate a nickname if it is or has been used by:

  • any current or past IceHL team;
  • any current or past NHL team or any WHA team;
  • any current AHL, ECHL, NFL, MLB or NBA team;
  • or any Hawaiian sports team.

A quick Google search goes a long way. Make sure your suggestion isn't already in use elsewhere.

In addition, names that are vulgar, make any direct pop culture references (Honolulu Magnums) or serve only to be silly (Oahu Yahoos) will be removed. Repetitive distractions may get you blocked from posting future comments anywhere on the website. If you're not here to help improve the league, your participation is not necessary.

I will also remove any other name nominations that are deemed to be unacceptable.

Submissions end May 3

One last note to bear in mind. Don't try so hard to find a name that "means something." In the past, some people have tried so hard to do that, they lose perspective on the fact that we're branding a hockey team. It should be something fans will want to scream at a game.

And most important... BE CREATIVE!