IceHL World: Div. A Logo Selection, Round 2


We're continuing to narrow down the logos for our IceHL World Division A teams!

The brackets look a little odd because I received varying numbers of logo entries for each team. The Cosmonauts started with 10, the Samurai with 7, and the Hammers with 9.

Because of the uneven brackets, I've had to play with how the first couple rounds of voting work so that every team is involved in every round. If you look at the brackets above, the match-ups with a blue box are featured in this round.

Results are hidden until polls close. This round ends Saturday night. Happy voting!

Moscow Cosmonauts

Here are the 4 polls for this round.

Osaka Samurai

There is just one poll in this round.

Stockholm Hammers

Here are the 4 polls for this round.

NOTE: Remember, this division's fourth team is the Quebec Armada, whose logo design will be retained. However, the team will get new jersey designs this summer.