IceHL World: Div. B Name Selection, Round 3

Voting continues in the IceHL World Division B name brackets!

Each team started with eight names suggested by Icethetics readers. Now, your votes will determine the winners!

Results are hidden until polls close. This round ends Friday night. Happy voting!

Now I'm sure many of you are wondering what the Round 4 polls will look like. So allow me to explain. (Or skip this part and be surprised on Saturday.)

With Division A, it was all very straightforward. We chose cities to go with the selected nicknames. Division B will be a little more interesting.

Here are the various options we'll have depending on the outcomes of these Round 3 polls.


This one should be relatively easy.

  • Royal London HC // Royal Scotland HC
  • Glasgow Highlanders // Scotland Highlanders


I'm going to take advantage of my league commissioner powers here. I'm giving a second chance to a name I think we be incredibly cool in our league. But you still make the decision.

  • Brisbane Wombats // Sydney Wombats // Gold Coast Rush
  • Brisbane Bushwackers // Melbourne Bushwackers // Gold Coast Rush


It's been pointed out several times that the mountain goat species known as the bighorn is found in North America while the species found in the Swiss Alps is known as the ibex. While Ibex was not an original name option, I will allow it in this final round.

  • Geneva Mountaineers // Bern Mountaineers // Switzerland Mountaineers
  • Geneva Bighorns // Bern Bighorns // Bern Ibex


Another simple one. Pretty obvious.

  • Athens Minotaurs // Crete Minotaurs
  • Athens Owls // Crete Owls

There you have it. Those will be the options in Round 4 pending the outcomes of Round 3. So now you know what to expect when you cast your votes. Any questions? Just ask. (If you think I'm abusing my power by including three names for Australia, feel free to say so.)