Division B logo voting delayed

Hi. You were probably expecting to start voting on the logos submitted for the IceHL World Division B today. Mainly because the schedule I posted told you as much.

But I've had a rethink.

We're already running two new polls a day for the Division A jersey brackets. I didn't plan this properly. I don't have superpowers. I can't commit to managing three sets of polls a day. Two is pushing it.

So I'm delaying the initial Division B logo polls until the current jersey brackets start winding down. I have not determined the new dates. I'm working on that now. Once I know, I'll edit this post and make an announcement on Twitter.

Be sure to follow @theIceHL and check back here. Thanks for your patience.

By the way, because of the delay, I'm willing to accept more submissions. You just have to let me know now that you're working on something so I can save you a spot in the bracket. This is an unofficial deadline extension, so it's subject to change. If you want to submit something, just get in touch with me first by email. Thanks!