IceHL Podcast: Episode 3

In this edition of The IceHL Podcast, Sharpshooters GM and host Tony Pomposelli welcomes Mammoths GM Matt Riegler, Outlaws AGM Eric Scheib and IceHL Commissioner and Barracudas GM Chris Smith for a chat about the league's transition to using AHL players amidst the NHL lockout and its impact on roster strategies. Plus, the panel discusses the recently concluded jersey competition and holds their own mini IceHL Tournament of Logos.

Recorded 10/27/12

Enjoy the show and feel free to join the discussion in the comments below. Have a question for the GMs? Ask here and get your answer in the next episode.

Music from Overclocked Remix. Opening: "Blue Skies" by bLiNd. Closing: "Lightspeed" by Andy Jayne, from Super Dodge Ball: Around the World.