IceHL Podcast: Episode 2

Sharpshooters GM and IceHL Podcast host Tony Pomposelli engages fellow IceHL WEST GMs Jon Wold (Wave) and Robert Brown (Beasts) along with league commissioner Chris Smith in a conversation about the IceHL WEST Live Draft, which took place on Sept. 23. The guys discuss which teams came out on top and which teams have an uphill battle to fight. Plus, who do they think will go the distance this season?

Recorded 9/29/12

Enjoy the second installment of the IceHL Podcast! And feel free to share your thoughts on the topics of the show in the comments.

Music from OverClocked Remix. Chuck Dietz, "A Flea and His Giant" from Mega Man X: Maverick Rising. Sixto Sounds, "Go Balls Deep" from Super Dodge Ball: Around the World.