IceHL Podcast: Episode 1

Today marks the start of a new era in the IceHL with the launch of The IceHL Podcast!

Recorded 9/16/12

Preliminary discussions to create an IceHL-centric podcast began in August. Ideas were thrown around, demos were made, co-hosts were found, and finally, after nearly a month of work behind the scenes, we bring you our first episode.We hope that this is something you will all enjoy.

Due to the lockout, there isn't yet a specific timetable for releasing future episodes, but when the season gets back on track, we hope to be weekly. Our next episodes will be recorded soon with post-draft analyses for both IceHL WEST and IceHL EAST.

On behalf of my co-host and Minnesota Mammoths GM Matt Riegler, we hope you guys enjoy the show. A huge thanks to Chris for believing in the idea and letting us run with it. We've finally reached the finish line, but this is only the beginning of a much larger race!

—Tony Pomposelli

The music in this episode was produced and performed by Kevin MacLeod and his works are available at Incompetech.

Also in this episode, the hosts discuss the IceHL Keepers. Here's a look at those lists.





Enjoy the podcast!