Week 5: Final Name Voting

We're getting closer to having new names for a handful of IceHL teams. As 13 Weeks of R&R enters its fifth week, it's time to make final decisions on what those names will be.

In this week's polls you'll be able to vote for one name per team. So make your ballot count. And remember, you only have four days to vote. Polls close at midnight on Tuesday! Some similar names will be voted on together in these polls. Should they win, short run-off polls will be held to determine a final winner.

Happy voting!

Choose ONE name per team.
Original team name in ALL CAPS where available.






As you probably noticed, for the first time since 13 Weeks of R&R began, the poll results are not visible after you vote. This is because I'd like to do a big reveal on Wednesday.

NOTES: If you take a look at the results from the previous round of voting, you'll notice they don't quite sync up with this week's options the way they should. Certain names have been disqualified and I'll explain why below. But first let me apologize for not catching the issues prior to posting the polls.

Calgary: Mounties (rights owned by RCMP). Montreal: Royale (too similar to ECHL's Reading Royals). Philadelphia: Freedom (too similar to Philadelphia Freedoms World TeamTennis organization). Saskatchewan: Thunder (name in use by ECHL's Stockton Thunder). Washington: Federals (name used by USFL team 1983–84); Eagles (name in use by ECHL's Colorado Eagles).