Week 4: Name Finalist Selections

I closed Name Nominations a day early due to the overwhelming response — more than 140 comments on that post! I can see you guys are definitely into this summer's IceHL revival. The 13 Weeks of R&R project continues now by narrowing down the many name submissions.

It was a difficult task, but I've counted up all the submissions and collected what I deem to be the top five options for each team (six for Detroit, Halifax and Philadelphia). But I'm sure some of you will be disappointed with my omissions. That's why every poll has an "other" box to enter a name you think I overlooked. (Feel free to start a write-in campaign in the comments if you really feel strongly about it.)

Some nominated names have been disqualified. I'm happy to explain why if anyone asks, but before you ask, Google search the name and that'll probably give you your answer.

These polls will remain open through Friday. Then on Saturday, each team's top three names (from these polls) will go into one last poll for Final Voting. By Tuesday, we should have our winning names for each team. After that, we choose color schemes before handing it off to our talented design community.

Enough talking. More voting!

Choose up to 3 names per team.
Original team name in ALL CAPS where available. Options displayed in random order.






In cases where one option includes multiple names (ex. Brothers / Brotherhood), short run-off polls will be held if necessary to make a final determination.

NOTE: If "other" is one of the top three finalists, the most popular write-in candidate will move on to the Final Voting.

REMEMBER: These polls will not determine winning names. They are simply to help narrow down our many submissions into a manageable group of three. Results will remain visible so users can track voting progress.