IceHL 2013 Logo Evaluations

The time has finally come to begin voting on next logos to join the IceHL ranks as 13 Weeks of R&R continues. We have more than a hundred logos representing the work of dozens of artists. Because there's so much here, each team gets its own evaluation page. The number logos for each team varies, though, with some having as many as 15 designs to choose from and others as few as five.

The logo decisions will be a two-week process. This week, you'll grade all eligible entries on a very simple scale. Positive, neutral or negative are your options. These results will determine which logos make it to the final voting round next week.


NOTE: Included among these sets are not just logos submitted in the last three weeks but, if applicable, select logos submitted the first time around when we began this league back in 2008. We're allowing some second chances for those designs.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask and feel free to share your thoughts on each team's set of submissions in the comments on each page. Happy voting!