Week 10: Final Logo Voting

We've reached the final voting phase of the IceHL's 2013 logo design contest. Five teams still await a final decision on the logos that will represent them going forward. You can find those polls below. For each team, there are two options. The logo with the majority of the votes will be declared the winner.

Only primary logos are shown in these polls. This is to cut down on page clutter. To see the full sets that were presented last week, use the links at the top of the page.

Results remain hidden until polls close. Winners announced Sun., June 23.


Following the reveal of the winning designs on Sunday will come the final phase of this project. Jersey design kits will be made available on Mon., June 24 and submissions will be accepted for two weeks. Voting will open on Mon., July 8 and close on Sat., July 13, ending 13 Weeks of R&R.

At that point we'll shift to our month-long 13 Third Jerseys project, which runs July 13 to Aug. 13. More on that to come.